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Adam Rupp

How does one become so amazingly talented at producing such a vast array of rhythmic oscillations from the mere shallows of one’s throat and lips? Perhaps by perfecting the art of trumpeting first. Adam began playing the trumpet at a young age and went on to graduate from Gustavus Adolphus College with a music performance degree in trumpet. Those techniques naturally translated into the extraordinary beat-boxing skills he utilizes now. And by extraordinary we mean one of the Midwest’s best Vocal Percussionists. 


Not to toot our own horn (sorry, couldn’t resist), but Adam carries first place vocal percussionist titles from both the Denver and Chicago National Harmony Sweepstakes. And because this skill is so unique he specializes in Home Free’s musical outreach and education programs that includes an entire workshop dedicated to teaching the art of vocal percussion. Outside of Home Free, Adam still enjoys playing the trumpet with various bands on a weekly basis. And filling in on the bass guitar, drums, and keys as needed. Yeah, this guy’s musical talent is pretty much limitless.