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Austin Brown

Matthew “Austin” Brown was born in a small town in South Georgia. His friends call him Austin, and so should you. As a child, when he wasn’t touring on the road with his father in the Southern Gospel music industry, he was at home on a peanut farm growing up in the country. In high school he uncovered in himself a love of musicals born from a childhood filled with Disney movies and old movie musicals like “Singing In the Rain” or “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.”  So after many shows he attended Oklahoma City University studying Music Theatre. 


He has always held a passion for acapella music sparked in his childhood by being among so many great quartets on the road, and so naturally he began arranging and organizing acapella groups throughout his college years. He has performed professionally in Branson, Oklahoma City, as well as in Disney World with the seasoned and highly acclaimed group; The Voices of Liberty. During this time he was also swept up by Royal Caribbean to travel the world and perform in their production casts as a Featured Entertainer, where he met the guys in HomeFree. One thing led to another and now, here he is for your entertainment, and he’s loving every minute of it!